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Why Boral

  Durability & strength Made to Australian Standards, Boral terracotta and concrete tiles are manufactured to withstand harsh climatic conditions and marine environments. All Boral roof tiles are salt-safe and frost resistant, making them suitable for any location, including coastal areas.

  Design flexibility The extensive range and unique design of individual tile profiles mean enhanced flexibility in roof design to complement a wide range of architectural styles and specifications.

  Acoustic performance The density of tiles helps reduce external sound, such as aircraft and road noise and particularly rain and hail. A tiled roof has a sound reduction potential of 30 decibels compared to only 12 decibels for steel sheeting. Further, there is none of the creaking that comes with the expansion and contraction of steel.

  Thermal insulation Roof tiles can help you enjoy more comfortable living in summer and winter.Thermal lag in tiles results in advantageous insulation properties to help manage heat transmission, in addition to considerations such as sarking, tile colour and overall solar design.

  Fire resistance Terracotta and concrete roof tiles are non-combustible materials and proven performers in the face of fire, providing superior protection against radiant heat from bushfires.

  Wind loadings The weight of your roofing material will contribute to its performance in high wind areas. Terracotta and concrete roof tiles outperform in this regard by offering more resistance to wind suction than lighteweight materials such as steel sheeting.

  Rainwater & tank safety Have peace of mind in collecting water from tiled roofs, as it will be compliant with World Health Organisation standards for drinking. Water collected on Boral roof tiles is non-toxic and safe to reuse.

  Low maintenance Once tiles are installed there is little or no maintenance. Should a section of the roof ever be damaged, there is the added advantage of individual tile replacement over large steel sheets.The use of a flexible pointing material to fix ridge capping enhances security in high winds.

  Long lasting With a 50-year performance guarantee, Boral roof tiles are built to last. The Australian experience indicates that the performance of Boral tiles will continue for periods in excess of this.